A 2 day, overnight, exclusive elephant tour to Tangkahan in Gunung Leuser National Park.
Inclusive of overnight hotel accommodation and a 1-3 hour elephant trek through the jungle with elephant washing and optnioal river tubing and caving.

Tangkahan is a peaceful jungle retreat, situated alongside the Kualsa Buluh river. Tangkahan was established as an ecotourist location in 2001. Previously the area was logged and poachers hunted the animals. The local people have transformed the region, stopping the logging and forming forest ranger groups to patrol for illegal activities. With the help of FFI (Flora and Fauna Intenational) they have developed a functional, self-sustained ecotourism destination.

There are 7 elephants based at Tangkahan, who work together with the rangers to patrol the forest and keep illegal loggers and poachers out. Joining the elephants for their afternoon bathing or taking a trek on elephant back will help to support this local initiative.

•  Day One

Breakfast followed by 2 hour overland open top jeep ride from Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan. Relax at the jungle lodge accommodation. Lunch followed by a 1 or 2 hour elephant trek from Buluh River to the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) elephant camp to help out with the elephant washing. Possible to tube back to Buluh river, close to the jungle lodges. Evening meal and local entertainment.

•  Day Two

Relaxing and swimming in pristine clean jungle river. Watch the elephants washing in the river. Barbeque lunch and overland jeep transport back to Bukit Lawang.


N.B: Itinerary may alter according to how long you wish to elephant trek for. 3 hour treks start at 11am and would need to be arranged for Day Two. 1 or 2 hour elephant treks can take place on Day 1. Other activities can be arranged in Tangkahan, such as, trekking, caving and river tubing.

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Flexible Tour Durations and Costs. Please contact us for more information.

Private return transportation from Medan to Tangkahan also available if required.